Add new Stock Movements

Returns a Json with the data of the new Stock Movements.

Stock movements type

Each Stock Movement must be address to a stock location. If non is set, default will be 1 (STOCK_SALES)

Each Stock Movement can be one of these three types:

  • load (increase quantity)
  • unload (decrease quantity)
  • setup (set quantity)

and can be referred to:

  • Item (item_id is not null and raw_material is null)

  • Raw Material (raw_material_id is not null and item_id is null)

    Stock movements causes

Load causes:

  • buy
  • refund
  • gift
  • replacement
  • production

Unload causes:

  • sale
  • gift
  • move
  • damage
  • theft
  • replacement
  • waste
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